a little insight can be dangerous

(False) bunny love

His affection always eludes me
But not for lack of trying
His endless chatter slips into repeated attempts
to open my soul and mind.

I confused his kindness with thoughtful interest
carefully crafted responses seemed to imitate compassion

But the conversations were constructed to placate, not to soothe
Words were never offered to comfort, merely to pacify and deflect
False consideration masked the true intent to manipulate

My foolish heart didn’t recognize what’s now achingly clear
His words, so full and meaningful when forming promises of indefinite companionship –
And yet, the same mouth spilling such kindness and promise
never hesitated when saying goodbye

The audacity to offer condolences and feign tortured grief
as if causing heartache could be easily forgiven
as long as it was bestowed with well rehearsed phrases
and offered with a promise of future false friendship.

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